HYDRIVE samples at the Westchester Triathlon

On Sunday, September 23, HYDRIVE was one of the sponsors of the Westchester Triathlon held in our hometown of Rye, NY. We energized the 1500 athletes and 3000 spectators with free bottles of HYDRIVE (and samples of our  HYDRIVE powder mix). It was a beautiful sunny day and our HYDRIVE volunteers could barely keep up with the crowd. At times there was such a rush at the tent that we stopped handing them out and let the thirsty mob fend for themselves (we didn't mind - the more the merrier)!! Some were already HYDRIVE fans while many others were new to the taste (that's why we do it!!). The Berry Blast powder was a huge hit especially with the bikers, they would drop a packet in their water bottles for some extra pedal power (by the way, have you checked out our BOGO offer in the online HYDRIVE store?)! The Westchester Tri was, overall, a huge success and we enjoyed helping athletes keep their energy up and hydrating them at the same time!