HYDRIVE expands into major accounts in the Northeast

We've been really busy here over the last few months making HYDRIVE available to more consumers in more places. We're excited to announce that 5 major retailers in the Northeast - ShopRite, Stop&Shop, Shaw's, Kings, and Duane Reade - have all decided to bring HYDRIVE into their stores. That makes over 25,000 stores around the country that are selling HYDRIVE to thirsty customers like you who need a non-carbonated low calorie boost of energy. We've certainly come a long way from the days when we started with just the Post Road Market and Rye Beverage, right down the street. If there is a store in your neighborhood who doesn't sell HYDRIVE go in there and set them straight! If you're successful and you let us know, you might even get a HYDRIVE t-shirt.